Started: 5 September 2004, 5:05 UTC
Finished: 18 September 2006, 6:34 UTC

Groupthink - a blog aggregator

Keyword: script

*** abandoned ***

Groupthink is a CGI script which takes a bunch of Atom or RSS feeds and presents them as a single blog, interleaved according to the date. Each entry has a by-line to indicate who wrote it.

Download it here.

It's just under 200 lines of python (including blanks), and took me something over five hours to design, find library, write and debug. It's multi-threaded and caching, so it should be reasonably fast and a good internet citizen.

Requires Mark Pilgrim's Universal Feed Parser.

Update 14.6.2005 - The real replacement for this program is Planet.

Update 16.1.2005 - Came across rawdog, which seems to be exactly the same idea as groupthink but more advanced (version 2.3 rather than 0.2). Therefore, unless someone convinces me otherwise, I will be pretty much abandoning groupthink.

Update 2.11.2004 - As someone commented on, it's kinda like Kinja. The main difference is that it runs on your own server, with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails (you get complete control and you get complete responsibility). It's also single-digest at present, but that would be easily fixed (let me know if you'd have a use for that).

Update 20.9.2004 - version 0.2 released

Original version 0.1

"Singularity" considered harmful
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