Started: 5 October 2006, 8:05 UTC
Finished: 30 October 2006, 3:30 UTC

Strip Uno

In Strip Uno, I'm sure, you have to say "uno" when you're down to one item of clothing.

Rules (added 30.10.2006)

Looking around the Internet, there's not much in the way of existing rules for actually playing Strip Uno… I think the only suggestion I've seen that even vaguely makes sense is to make the Wild and Wild 4 cards even wilder.

Perhaps like this: When a Wild or Wild 4 is played, the next player must take off an item of clothing, unless they play another Wild or Wild 4. In that case, the next player must take off two items (unless they play another Wild or Wild 4, in which case the player after must take off three, etc). If there are four or more players, a player playing Wild or Wild 4 (whether offensively or defensively) can choose who will be the next player (play then continues from that player in the usual direction).

However, I haven't play-tested these, so I've no idea how well they'd work in practice. They also need something when there's a win (winner takes back up to three items? everyone gives the winner one item to wear? everyone but the winner takes a drink? something).

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The Coversyl switch

12 November 2007, 7:52 UTCcomment by Ellen
I ran a cross a Strip UNO game only it's a bit more exotic than just striping close. I bought one and I have to say it was freaking hot and sexy. The game is called Flaunt It. If you want to provide a link for your users then here it is. <a href="">Flaunt IT Strip UNO</a>

Anyway, I hope that helps and thanks for creating the nice site free site.


20 October 2010, 3:30 UTCcomment by woodmastergv

This is the one I found, I think your link was broken but it looks very cool for strip uno

We've played flaunt it which is the Adult Game strip uno and it's a blast


15 February 2012, 10:55 UTCcomment by Gary
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28 February 2012, 1:09 UTCcomment by sabik
@Gary, if you have concerns about a medicine you're taking or its side-effects, talk to your physician (preferably the one who prescribed it, in the first instance).

Also, I think you may have commented on the wrong blog post, the Coversyl discussion is the next one over :-)


10 August 2012, 9:50 UTCcomment by souls
i have an interesting set of rules play the game like normal but when these cards come up add there affect to the game.

Draw 2 take 2 peaces of clothing off Draw 4 (wild) take 4 peaces of clothing off and get a special request Wild card special request Skip put a peace of clothing back on Reverse all cards swop meaning from removing clothes to putting them on

if missed calling uno must preform a request

looser strips off naked for total points in there hand