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The Family Guide to Digital Freedom (via Glass Wings) There's a lot of stuff happening now to make sure that very powerful interests in these fields, often very different from the ones of families, are protected. Everything is happening legally, in plain sight, counting on the fact that, until now, almost everybody was in such a state of ignorance, disinformation and bliss that one could basically get away with murder.

[Boing Boing] David Suzuki: Steal my research - that's what it's for! This may seem obvious to some, but the whole point of conducting and publishing this research is to get people to actually use it. […] The whole reason why we do the research is to effect change. If those who have the power to make those solutions happen actually use that information, so much the better. This is how change happens.

[Business Week] Firefox: Mission Accomplished … their hope was to gain enough market share to compel Web sites to adopt open standards — rather than standardizing on Microsoft's proprietary Internet Explorer browser technology. Job done. Firefox has anywhere from a 10% to 18% worldwide market share among browser users, depending who is counting, and almost every Web site that matters makes it possible for Firefox users to fully access their pages.

Quantum immorality
Link: Forbidding Vistas: Windows licensing disserves the user