Started: 17 February 2009, 12:42 UTC
Finished: 17 February 2009, 12:47 UTC

On interruptions

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We all know that knowledge workers work best by getting into "flow", also known as being "in the zone", where they are fully concentrated on their work and fully tuned out of their environment. … Writers, programmers, scientists, and even basketball players will tell you about being in the zone.

The trouble is, getting into "the zone" is not easy. When you try to measure it, it looks like it takes an average of 15 minutes to start working at maximum productivity. Sometimes, if you're tired or have already done a lot of creative work that day, you just can't get into the zone …

The other trouble is that it's so easy to get knocked out of the zone. … If you take a 1 minute interruption by a coworker asking you a question, and this knocks out your concentration enough that it takes you half an hour to get productive again, your overall productivity is in serious trouble. Joel on Software Where do These People Get Their (Unoriginal) Ideas? (via Getting Real: Alone Time)

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