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Connectr — social network

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  File What is connectr?

Connectr is a distributed social network. The eventual plan is to supplant Facebook; currently, it's roughly got the functionality of Twitter and about three or four regular users.

Why am I writing it?

Hosted social networks are really quite unhealthy. For an example, see the current and continuing privacy brouhaha about Facebook. However, the problem is more general — the incentives for the host are all wrong as far as the users are concerned. The business model of hosted social networks is to sell eyeballs to advertisers; this is not really in the users' interest...

How to get involved?

Join in! A social network is all about the users! See below for details. Currently it's set up so it's easy to install in Ubuntu and similar systems. The code is up on Launchpad, if you want to join in with the development (or install it on other Linux systems).

What's needed to use it?

How to install and start to use it?

Where's the code? More information?