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Sabik Software Solutions Pty Ltd — programming ▰ computer science ▰ training

Simple solutions to complex problems

On the programming side, we tend to go for Python, C, C++; we are also familiar to various degrees with a number of other programming languages. We tend to work on the FOSS stack, in the Linux ecosystem. We have experience with desktop apps, back-end and special-purpose programs, but we are not limited to these areas.

On the computer science side, we can do visualisation, simulation, optimisation... Often these will be more on the special-purpose side, programs with just one or a handful of users, used only briefly to gain insight into a problem or overview of a situation before being superceded, the target problem solved or at least understood and advanced to the next stage.

We keep up-to-date with the FOSS and Linux field so as to be able to recommend cost-effective solutions combining off-the-shelf components with customisation and, where appropriate, custom code.

We are located in Epping (Sydney).

Jiri Baum

Before founding Sabik Software Solutions, Jiri:

Jiri has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Monash University.

Community involvement: Jiri is currently the Secretary on the OSDClub executive committee and a member on the SLUG (sub)committee. Previously, in 2008-2012, he was the secretary of Linux Users Victoria and served on the committee of the 2008 conference with responsibility for the zookeepr conference management system. He has been involved in a number of other open source projects, from connectr (a distributed social network) to MatPLC (an automation system for Linux, which he co-founded). He has spoken at a number of Linux user group meetings and FOSS conferences.


Jiří Baum <>
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