A student who has played for some time - a year or two - will have to decide if he wants a proof of his accomplishment, whether he would like to go for examinations. There are several different examination boards, but the one we use almost exclusively is the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board). The student learns the prescribed pieces and scales and then plays these at the examination time. The examiner is an outsider from the examining board, who either comes to our music studio or examines the student at a given venue. Each student receives a report and certificate, which is recognised throughout Australia.

To go for exams higher than preliminary grade, which is the first exam students can go for, students need to have a piano at home, rather than a plain keyboard or organ.

Of course, not all students like to go for exams. Some prefer to learn to play the piano just for the pleasure of it and to become competent. Some students prefer to play classical music while others would like to explore modern songs or jazz. Some students have a piano at home while others have a keyboard or an organ. We can cater for a student's needs and wants whatever area of piano playing interests them. Learning to play the piano can be useful background for playing in a school band, or learning to play another instrument. Reading notes and rhythm is useful for any sort of music study or just to be able to play a song heard on the radio or a Christmas carol.

All students are asked to perform in front of parents and friends in our regular concerts.