Things To Do

Piano students often feel that because they do not play an ensemble or orchestra instrument, they have to play alone. If you would like to play a duet with another student, with a family member or friend, it would be an enjoyable and beneficial experience and please talk to us about it. Something can usually be organised, however little or long you have been learning. Especially at our Christmas Concert we encourage you to play with your parents, other members of your family or with friends.

One idea we'd like to give you is to visit a music shop, "Allans" in the city or a regional music shop closer to you. We have some information about music shops in this area. Have a look at some music books that you like, see what favourite songs are available and buy some easy to play music. You can also buy some records of the music of your choice, which you can try to find on the piano.

There are many piano recitals and concerts held in Melbourne each year. You may like to go and see a concert pianist or orchestra. We have information about most musical events being held. Ask Marie about this.

If you have some friends who would like to learn the piano or find out more about us, please let them know.

Please don't hesitate to call us with any queries.